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Who Are We?
ednewmans_officeEd Newmans began serving the North Central Florida area in 1979, with a simple philosophy; “Treat all customers the way that you wish to be treated!” This straight forward way of thinking has enabled Newmans Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. to become one of the areas most reputable heating and air conditioning contractors. Our commitment to provide our customers with the best products and service, has allowed us to maintain our leadership edge. Newmans has built a reputation on fairness and honesty. ” We do not promote selling unnecessary items, to our customers that they do not need. We just don’t tolerate that at all from our technicians.” Newmans’ business ethics have earned him commercial projects with the University of Florida, Gainesville Technology Center, 1st National Bank of Alachua, and a number of local car dealerships and churches, just to name a few. Newmans Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. also specializes in custom home A/C needs, and has worked with home builders in Alachua Highlands, Steeple Chase and the Jockey Club. Newmans’ has gained a large following of customers who have routine service needs with their existing units. Our friendly technicians have the equipment and expertise to do the job accurately and efficiently, the first time. With all the choices, it is hard to know whom to trust. Local businesses with a long track record are a good bet because a bad reputation usually spells a quick end to repeat business. “We are not out of town folks coming and going, we’re here to stay!!! We’ve also kept our business at a size that we can keep a grip on it, so that we can maintain our quality service to our customers.”




Ed Newmans

The President and Founder of Newmans Heating and AC

The President and Founder of Newmans Heating and AC, dedicated to helping you maintain your most valuable asset.

Brad Parrish

Project Manager

Glenn Newmans

Sales Consultant

Teresa Skinner

Office Manager

Tammy Craig

Administrative Assistant


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If you notice a change in air flow, there are some things you can check before giving us a call. If the system is still not operating properly after these measures, please call our 24 Emergency Service for assistance at 352-375-8555.

Heating Troubleshooting

•Check that your room thermostat temperature is set above the house temperature as indicated on the thermostat, and the system switch is in the “HEAT” position.

•Check the blower access panel. Unit will not operate if not firmly in place.

•On gas furnaces equipped with electronic ignition, turn room thermostat “OFF”, allow 5 minutes to pass, then set thermostat back to ” HEAT” to reset the ignition system.

• Do you have the furnace power supply “ON”?

•Check the circuit breaker panel for a tripped breaker.

AC Troubleshooting

•Inspect the air filter and, if dirty, replace it with the same size filter. Another possible cause of insufficient air flow is a blocked return-air or air supply-air grill. Make sure that furniture, boxes, etc are not blocking the return air or supply air grill.

•Check that your room thermostat temperature selector is set below the house temperature as indicated on the thermostat, and the system switch is in the “COOL” position. Warning! Do not turn the thermostat on, off, and back on without allowing a few minutes to pass to avoid short cycling the compressor.

•Is the outdoor unit power supply switched “ON”?

•Check the circuit breaker panel for a tripped breaker.

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